India Welcomes Global Institute

India Welcomes Global Institute

India has the 3rd largest higher education system after China and USA, but we are not able to compete In terms of Education ranking which is positioned at 92 out of 195 countries in the world.  The Constant endeavor by Government to enhance and elevate the quality of education has failed make a mark. This has led the government to pave a way for Foreign University to set up their operation in India. The Market for foreign University is open as Indian University face an extreme drawback in meeting the International Standard.

 Government Funded universities are least preferred only 5% of students are enrolled in these universities. The 80% goes to the state funded universities or private/deemed university and rest go to Foreign Countries for their Higher Studies. So, it can be said that the India is opened with 80% market if the foreign University step up in India as a Location.

Indian Government is open with 100% Foreign Direct Investment

Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi has eased the process as he believes on the concept of globalization. This Visionary person is known for reforming India and Widen the horizon. He has ease policies and regulation which removes any kind of hindrances on foreign players to land up to Indian Territory.

How Can Global Institute tap Indian Education Market?
  1. Establishment of  Institution  and Campus in India 
  2.  Organise a Course or Certification in India
  3. Collaborate with any Indian Institution
  4. Set up Research lab in India
  5. Student Exchange Program
  6. tie up with corporate Business
1.    Establishment of  Institution  and Campus in India 
The courses provided by online Medium are not as effective as step up their Campus in India. This gives a benchmark for other Indian Institution. Having a physical building and classes will give both Faculty and Student to go in understanding the subject matter better. It will enhance the skill and make them World ready.

         2. Organize a Course or Certification in India
The Various offline courses on data analytics, architecture, block chain technology, fashion studies and many more will give a better understanding to the student. 

3. Collaborate with any Indian Institution
The Collaboration with any Indian Institution will create zeal and enthusiasm among both the parties. It will further ease the process for the foreign Institutions likewise with upgrade the Standard of Indian Institutions followed with enrollment of many student.

          4. Set up Research lab In India
The Universities can collaborate and set up research base which in turn will be beneficial for student to come up with new and advance discoveries and help the nation and the world. 

         5.  Student Exchange Program
 The student Exchange Program will make the student of the countries to diversify and improve in thoughts process.

       6. Tie up with Corporate Business
The Foreign University can collaborate with the corporate business and help student to get skilled in a particular domain.  It will eventually increase efficiency and effectiveness of the business.

Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for both the countries, which will increase the brand of both the countries and make the world go to next level. There will be advancement and revolution in Education system as whole.


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