Online education market in India currently at around 300 Million is expected to skyrocket to USD 1.96 Billion by 2021. This growth is attributed to a variety of factors which collectively contribute; some of them are:  Young Population  Digital Push by government  Quality of Education  Technology ease  Affordable cost compared to offline programs  Flexibility of time Apart from higher education and corporate training where learning online seems to be almost the status quo, the school system has also integrated it in its teaching. With free learning programs that have been offered online, users have realized the tremendous value in a paid course and are flocking in great numbers. The paid user base currently at 2 million is expected to hit 9.6 million by 2020. This growth has spurred international universities to take this route to enter the Indian education market. Over USD 1.6 billion of foreign direct investment by international universities since 2000 in the education in…

India Welcomes Global Institute

India Welcomes Global Institute
India has the 3rd largest higher education system after China and USA, but we are not able to compete In terms of Education ranking which is positioned at 92 out of 195 countries in the world.  The Constant endeavor by Government to enhance and elevate the quality of education has failed make a mark. This has led the government to pave a way for Foreign University to set up their operation in India. The Market for foreign University is open as Indian University face an extreme drawback in meeting the International Standard.
Government Funded universities are least preferred only 5% of students are enrolled in these universities. The 80% goes to the state funded universities or private/deemed university and rest go to Foreign Countries for their Higher Studies. So, it can be said that the India is opened with 80% market if the foreign University step up in India as a Location.

Indian Government is open with 100% Foreign Direct Investment
Prime Minister, Mr.…

Why India is market for USA Educational Institutions?

Why India is market for USA Educational Institutions? The Indian traditional belief was “right to education” but now it has changed to “right to quality education”. According to the report, the education market is valued to be at $100 billion and it’s going to binate by the year 2020.
The futures prospects of the young population are booming.80% of people are between the age group of 18-40.Indian Government has recognized the forthcoming growth in the education sector, so it has allowed Foreign Direct Investment of 100%, which can be a great opportunity for the Foreign Education Institutions to invest in Indian Market.
With the advent of technology and online presence has improved and enhanced the education. This has not only has helped the student to go beyond the bookish ideas but also have made an impact on overall growth and nurture them with overall progression. With the digitization of economy, we are moving towards rewiring the Indian education system which requires a paradigm sh…