Why India is market for USA Educational Institutions?

Why India is market for USA Educational Institutions?
The Indian traditional belief was “right to education” but now it has changed to “right to quality education”. According to the report, the education market is valued to be at $100 billion and it’s going to binate by the year 2020.
The futures prospects of the young population are booming.80% of people are between the age group of 18-40.  Indian Government has recognized the forthcoming growth in the education sector, so it has allowed Foreign Direct Investment of 100%, which can be a great opportunity for the Foreign Education Institutions to invest in Indian Market.
With the advent of technology and online presence has improved and enhanced the education. This has not only has helped the student to go beyond the bookish ideas but also have made an impact on overall growth and nurture them with overall progressionWith the digitization of economy, we are moving towards rewiring the Indian education system which requires a paradigm shift and direction from the developed economy. The main agenda is to uplift and reinforce the overall education ideology.
With a cut edge competition in terms of meeting the Global standard set by Educational Institutions in the USA, Indian Institution is still trailing.
The massive transformation in Indian Education can be initiated by making small changes in the curriculum, that will make them job ready.

According to Industry estimate, the global corporate learning market is over $30 Billion. In the next 3years, corporate learning market will be the biggest revenue opportunities for the companies. Indian IT Companies are looking to re-skill engineers in data science, big data analytics, digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence and many more. This gives an opportunity for Global Institutions to come in grab the market share.

Key points [Why Should Foreign Institution Come to India]
  1.  Huge Student Segment
  2.   Quality Skilled Resource for Corporate  
  3.    Opportunity to expand 
  4. Growth in economy- As it attracts the foreign companies to set up their branches in India.
  5.     Foreign Direct Investment 
  6.  Research and Development Projects. 
  7. Global Education Imparted  
  8.  Student Interest on practical Learning 
  9.  Quality Skilled Resource for Corporate  
India has more than 260 million students enrolled in about 799 universities and 39,071 colleges and 11,923 stand-alone universities. India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world. There approximately is 10,345 Engineering’s Colleges in India, 4500 B- Schools, 460 Medical Colleges, 1800 Law colleges 

So, this  data is a huge in number and also humongous opportunity for a Foreign University to Enter into Indian Territory. The Student Population is increasing as the fundamental for any family is concerned to provide education. India ranks 92 among education among 195 countries in the world. Therefore to improve the education Industry, we need a support of Global Institution to uplift the Indian narrow thinking on education.
Source- MHRD.


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